Fertilizer Briquetter

Briquette Press uses the principle of Dry Compression the machine produces the pillow-shape briquettes of mixture of Urea + DAP, this is mostly used in paddy plantation. 
  • It is small & portable. It can be pushed or pulled  to shift from one place to other as it has  wheels
  • Easy to handle with absolutely no maintenance cost.
  • Minimum man power.
  • No Consumables required except for few drops of oil for Lubrication
  • Can be used directly on field sites.
  • Briquettes of Urea + DAP are easy to handle & use.
  • Briquettes of different size & weight of different mixtures can be produced without using any Binder.
  • Briquettes can be used for any other crop.
  • Briquettes can be a good source of business for young unemployed people in rural areas.
  • Increase in yield per hectare and saving of fertilizer are very attractive. Investment can be recovered in one season.
  • Production Capacity 250 Kg / hr. 
Fertilizer Briquetter

A Simple and economical way to bring revolution in farmers life

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Fertilizer Briquetter


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