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Dart Impact Tester

Dart Impact Tester


The machine is used to determine the impact resistance of the plastic film. A known hemispherical shaped dart is made to fall on the plastic film correctly at the centre of the specimen. The specimen is clamped in such a way so as not to have any wrinkles on the top surface of the specimen. The machine can be supplied with the vacuum pump for additional cost with the machine for this purpose.

The dart is made to fall on the specimen with the help of an electromagnet provided. The machine is provided with a counter to count the number of drops. Darts for both test methods A and B are provided alongwith extra additional weights to carry out the tests. Machine body is powder coated. Weight of the machine - Apprx. 50Kg. Dimensions of the machine- ( Base Dimensions) - 20"L X 16"W X 34"H

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