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Izod Impact Tester

Izod Impact Tester


The resistance to breakage by flexural shock of plastics and Electrical insulating materials as indicated by the energy extracted from standardized pendulum type hammers mounted on standardized machines in breaking standard specimens with pendulum swing. The energy absorbed per unit of specimen width is reported in joules.

RS 232 Facility to connect to your PC :

Fully digital display ( LCD ) of angle and energy in joules Dimension feeding facility to calculate Joules / cm2 or Joules / m
Range change by selector switch Torque wrench
Interchangeability of impact hammers are very easy. Charpy hammers
Max. Available energy - 21.68 Joules Notch cutter ( Manual )
Ranges - 0-2.71 J 0-5.42 J 0-10.84 J 0-21.68 J) Notch cutter ( Motorised )

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