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Fixture for Cold Impact Test


This method determines the resistance to impact or shock of the thermoplastic and elastomeric insulation or sheath at low temp. & frost

Sometimes the cables have to be laid in the area of low temp. climatic conditions or frost. Due to constant exposure of the cables to the low temp.or frost conditions, the insulation or sheath of the cable will become hardened & stiff. In order to ascertain the suitability or withstandability of the thermo plastic insulating or sheathing material at low temp. or frost conditions, this cold impact test is carried


Lab.Testing Equipment for Plastic, Rubber and Cable

Universal TensileTesting Machine - Twin Column
Tensile Machine
Tensile Tester
Tensile Tester Machine
Universal TensileTesting Machine - Siingle column
Hand Operated Tensile Testing Machine
Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine
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Rectangular Hot Plate
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Specimen Cutting Punches And Press
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Fixture for Cold Bend test
Fixture for Cold Impact Test

Equipments for cable testing

Fertilizer Briquetter


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