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ESCR Test Apparatus

ESCR Test Apparatus


E.S.C.R. Apparatus is used for determination of suceptibility of ethylene plastics to environmental stress cracking when subjected to certain conditions. Bent specimens of the plastics each having a controlled imperfection on the surface are exposed to the action of a surface active agent, oils or detergent. The proportion of the total number of specimens that crack in a goven times is observed.

Specification Accessories
Insode bath is of S.s. and outside bath 1 Blanking dle 1No.
M.s. with heat insulation. 2 Nicking jig 1No.
The heating system is having a RTD, 3 Bending cum transfering device 1No.
Heater and digital temp. Controller (PID) 4 Specimen holder 10Nos.
Max. Temperature 1500C 5 Test Tubes 10Nos.
Max. Temperature - R.T., Resolution = 0.100C 6 Corks 10Nos.

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